TJBDAY | Contest Rules
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Contest Rules Below are the official rules, please read carefully before submitting a video

Q: What do I need to know about posting videos on YouTube?
A: YouTube provides a convenient way for you to share your work and for judges to view it. Because YouTube has become such a commonly used site for video-sharing by students and others, it has been established as the official submittal space for the TJBDay Digital Talent Show competition. However, posting a video on YouTube requires compliance with YouTube’s Terms of Service. These terms impose significant legal obligations on YouTube contributors. For example, to address copyright requirements, you must certify that you have obtained appropriate permissions and authorizations for any third-party materials (=materials you have not created yourself) used in your work, including all images, music, media, or texts. You must grant a license to YouTube to use and distribute your work. You agree to indemnify YouTube and you agree to jurisdiction in California in the event of any legal dispute.

Before proceeding with this competition, you must carefully read the following documents, all found at

  1. YouTube Terms of Service;
  2. YouTube Community Guidelines;
  3. YouTube Privacy Guidelines; and
  4. YouTube Copyright Tips.

This applies even if you are familiar with YouTube and have posted videos before.

Why is U.Va. asking us to sign a release/waiver when we submit our talent showcase video or audio recording?

We need your permission to use your name and likeness on the web. It’s possible that news agencies will pick up the project and share your submissions. The University of Virginia will also be sharing your submissions in order to drive traffic to the TJBDay – Digital Talent Show website (this site). Your submission will go through a judging process and will actively be promoted as part of the contest. By providing your name and clicking “I understand” to sign the waiver, you are also allowing U.Va. to technically modify and adapt the submission you provide and share it on the web.

Do I have to be a student to submit a video to the talent show?

Yes. Submissions are restricted to undergraduate and graduate students. We hope all our alumni, parent, friends, faculty and staff will participate in the #TJBDay Digital Talent Show by voting and sharing on the web.

How do I vote?

You vote by distributing your points. Points are acquired through donations. $1 = 1 point.

You may put all your points towards your favorite submission or you may distribute your points to multiple submissions. However, the minimum online donation for any single talent show entry is $10.

Can I give without voting?

Absolutely! This campaign is all about raising funds for student need-based scholarships. We welcome your contribution. You are under no obligation to participate in the Digital Talent Show. To give without voting, please use this website.

Can I vote without giving?

Sorry but no. We love that you want to show support, but this event is completely oriented towards raising funds for student need-based scholarships. Show your support for the talent displayed in the Digital Talent Show by investing in fellow and future students. Our hope is that $10 is an approachable donation for everyone! But we also will have a table set-up in the UVA Bookstore to on April 10th from Noon-4pm to vote on your favorite talent show entry with any dollar amount.

Why are you doing a digital talent show?

To our knowledge, no other university has used a digital talent show to support an online giving campaign, particularly one supporting need-based student scholarships. We like to be the best, and it’s even better to be the best first. Plus, we’re thinking that the web content is pretty shareable and fun.

Can I have help with my video?

Submissions can include a student performer and one more student who is a co-performer, producer, camera operator, music contributor or editor. All videos must be student created. No more than two students can collaborate on a submission.

Outside assistance, contracted or donated freely, is not permitted. We limit the field to student works to show the impressive skill and diversity of talent present in the U.Va. student body.

What counts as talent?

So many things. Show the Wahoo Nation what you’re good at.

Can you stack cups absurdly fast? That counts.

Can you solve a Rubik’s Cube faster than all your friends? That counts.

How about juggling, unicycling, singing, high jumping or multiplying huge numbers in your head? That all counts.

Remember that this is a competition so showmanship matters. Craft your submission video in a way that highlights your talent while presenting it in an entertaining way.

Who will see my video?

Maybe the entire world. We jest, but your submission will be on hosted YouTube and open to public viewing on the TJ’s Birthday Celebration Digital Talent Show website. The Wahoo Nation will be the direct intended audience. Students, Parents, Alumni and Friends of the University will be invited to participate in the online giving campaign and Digital Talent Show voting. Participants are also encouraged to invite their own friends and family to participate in giving to student need-based scholarships to support your talent in the competition.

Keep your audience in mind when crafting your submission. Your video must be suitable for general public consumption. We will not accept submissions that contain “talent” involving drugs, alcohol, nudity, swearing, etc. Again, you must comply with Youtube’s relevant Community Guidelines and other relevant requirements.

How do I submit a video?

Use the Form Submission link on the TJBDay website at the top of this page or Click Here.

How do I make a video?

You can use whatever video-making equipment you have at your disposal. Many iPhones and Android smartphones record HD-quality digital video. If you don’t have one, you can ask to borrow your friend’s device.

You could also use your laptop’s built-in webcam or a digital camcorder. Film-based devices are certainly acceptable, but you’re on your own for the digital conversion process.

Videos need not be edited with editing software although editing is permitted. Remember that the maximum length of any submission is two minutes.

Can I submit more than one video?

Yes. We’re happy to see your talent expressed in multiple submissions.

A student may be a performer on one video and a producer on another. Students may also submit multiple videos on which they are the primary performer. There can be a maximum of two students submitting any given entry.

How long can my video be?

Submissions are capped at two minutes. We will not cut your video for you. Take care that your submission is two minutes or the world will lose out on the opportunity to marvel at your greatness (in other words, we can’t use it).

How will my video be judged?

We are going to select finalists whose submissions reflect a broad range of talents with additional consideration given to video editing creativity and over all “wow” value.

A team of university administrators will gather on Monday, April 7th to select the finalists. Finalists will be notified by email the same day and announced to the public on Tuesday, April 8th.

Depending on the volume of submissions, we might select more finalists as well as display a selection of “alternates.”