TJBDAY | Digital Talen Show
To celebrate Thomas Jefferson's birthday (#TJBday) we're putting together a digital talent show to showcase student talent at UVa.

Digital Talent Show Grand Prize: $1,000 Gift Card to the UVA Bookstore

George Washington and Thomas Jefferson announce the 12 #TJBDAY Digital Talent Show Finalists.

To celebrate Thomas Jefferson’s birthday (#TJBday) we’re putting together a big event that runs from 10am, Thursday, April 10th to Midnight on Friday, April 11th. The event contains two parts: 1) a live event from 10am-4pm on April 10th in the UVA Bookstore, and 2) 36-Hour Online Giving Campaign with the focal point being a Digital Talent Show. All funds raised during the 36-hour period are in support of need-based student scholarships. Scholarships provide the resources to make sure that talent students from all walks of life can come to U.Va. That’s why we’re looking for students willing to help raise funds for scholarships by way of sharing talents on video.

By Friday, April 4th at Midnight, we want our amazing U.Va. students, undergraduate and graduate, to create video submissions of two minutes or less showcasing an individual display of talent. This talent showcase can be real OR edited to appear real. The best video submissions entered into the Digital Talent Show will be given a huge amount of exposure as the U.Va. community at large will vote on their favorite.


The UVA Bookstore will be donating 25% of all revenue earned for in-store purchases (excluding text books, Cavalier Computers, and special orders) during the full #TJBDay weekend (April 10-13) towards need-based student scholarships. Thanks to the UVA Bookstore, University Advancement will be awarding a Grand Prize of $1,000 to the individual or pair that created the talent show submission receiving the greatest total number of points during the voting phase of the Digital Talent Show. A second place prize of a $500 gift certificate to the UVA Bookstore will also be awarded.

University Advancement staff will select finalists based on creativity, awe-inspired displays, video editing and will select entries that together, represent a diverse cross-section of talent. However, all submissions will be uploaded to Youtube and used during the TJBDay social media campaign to generate web traffic. So no matter what, a talent show entry will help raise money for need-based student scholarships.

$1 = 1 Point: Winner of the Digital Talent Show accumulates the most points during the 36-Hour TJBdayPosterWebGraphicperiod.

For example, a donation of $10 equals 10 points for a contestant. For points accrued online, a minimum donation of $10 is required but any amount above $10 is great!

On April 10th, a voting station that allows any dollar amount will be available inside the UVA Bookstore from Noon-4pm.

The money raised during the voting goes towards our goal of raising $1 million by May 1st to receive the Griffin Match of an additional $1 million. More info on the match.

Grand Prize winner: $1,000 Gift Card at the UVA Bookstore.

All students that submit an entry will get a #TJBDay event t-shirt.

Please download a copy of the poster for your dorm room or Residence Hall bulletin board!

If you’d like to participate, please read on for more details!

Video submission examples (selected quickly and somewhat randomly) from Youtube are at the bottom. Click on Official Rules for more details.

Want to enter the contest and support Need-Based Student Scholarships? Here’s what to do.

All performers must be current students, undergraduate or graduate. Each submission could have two contestants, a producer and the talent – or the producer/talent could be the same persoTJBdayShirtWebn.

1) Think about any of the talents you have or maybe the talents of a friend of yours. Singing, dancing, playing an instrument, sharing original artwork or photography as a slideshow, burping the alphabet, jumping high, running fast, showing unique physical capabilities, reciting an original poem, becoming a yoga pretzel, doing a magic trick, an impression of someone famous, saying something in lots of languages, cook something amazing – all of these are ways to showcase talent. Just be sure to stay safe and respect the rights, safety and privacy of others.

Note: Because we are asking you to upload your talent video to your own personal Youtube account before formally submitting your entry, you’ll need to abide by all of Youtube’s relevant policies and guidelines.

  1. YouTube Terms of Service;
  2. YouTube Community Guidelines;
  3. YouTube Privacy Guidelines; and
  4. YouTube Copyright Tips.

As Youtube points out: “When you create something original, you own the copyright for it. Likewise, when other people create content, they may have a copyright to it. As a creative community, it’s essential that everyone on YouTube respect the copyrights of others. If you’re not sure if something will violate someone’s copyright, the safest thing to do is to create something completely original, with images and audio you’ve created. If it’s all yours you never have to worry about copyright—you own it. If you’ve recorded something from a DVD, videotaped your TV screen, or downloaded a video online, don’t post it unless you have permission.” – Youtube’s Community Guidelines.

2) Capture the talent on your iPhone, webcam or any video camera. The video must be two minutes or less.

3) Decide whether you video needs editing and go for it. You can do some pretty cool things with iMovie and other video editing programs.

4) Right before (or after) uploading your video to Youtube, click the option to make your video “unlisted.” We don’t want everyone to see it before the contest!

5) By Friday, April 4th at midnight, at the very, very latest, you can submit your talent showcase online. Please fill-out the online form in its entirety.

5) All submissions will be posted to the new TJBDay Celebration website. However, we will select finalists by April 8th for actual voting during the 36-Hour Online Give / Digital Talent Show event. Finalists will be notified by email.

Below are some random examples of videos from Youtube to help you with the brainstorming process.

Example Youtube videos: