TJBDAY | Tower of Hanoi, 7 Rings, Blindfolded

Tower of Hanoi, 7 Rings, Blindfolded

Performer Name
Anthony Mak
Producer Name
Daniel Franz

This is me solving Tower of Hanoi, 7 rings, blindfolded, for the Digital Talent Show in honor of TJ’s birthday. The rules are: move all rings from the right pole to the left pole, one ring at a time, and bigger rings must not be on top of a smaller ring at any time.

I tried not to touch and feel the rings, lest that would defeat the point of doing it blindfolded! The number of moves required is 2^7 – 1 = 127.

I did a 9 rings, blindfolded version too, which is quite a bit harder (moves required = 2^9 – 1 = 511). See this video: