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    I hereby grant University of Virginia the right and permission to:

    1. use my likeness, voice, name, or performance through video, audio, photographic, digital, electronic, or other means and
    2. use, reproduce, exhibit, or distribute in any medium (e.g., print publications, television, video/audio, web site) the recording I submit to the TJBDAY competition. I agree that U.Va. may adapt, clip or otherwise modify my submission for their approved uses.

    I understand that the resulting recording may be submitted to the TJBDAY video competition and, for the purposes of judging, posted on the YouTube and TJBDAY websites. I further understand that the recording may either be broadcast by news media or used for education or promotion by the University of Virginia. I permit the use of my name in conjunction with these materials.

    I have reviewed and complied with YouTube’s posted policies and guidelines:

    1. YouTube Terms of Service;
    2. YouTube Community Guidelines;
    3. YouTube Privacy Guidelines; and
    4. YouTube Copyright Tips.