TJBDAY | Celebrate TJBDAY for Scholarships
#TJBDAY celebrates talent at UVa. #TJBDAY helps raise awareness and encourage support for need-based scholarships, which help bring the best and brightest candidates to Grounds.
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Help Support Future Talent

The University of Virginia celebrates talent by admitting the best and brightest students without reference to their family’s finances. Private gifts help provide scholarships and financial aid to deserving students. Help support Jefferson’s legacy!
Invest in TJ’s Dream

Thomas Jefferson dreamed of an educated class coming from all walks of life. Supporting need-based student scholarships at U.Va. helps recruit the best and brightest candidates. Support Student Scholarships – Help U.Va. with $1 Million Match.

Celebrate Talent

Digital Talent Show

Celebrate Talent at U.Va.

Help celebrate talent at U.Va. by submitting videos and voting for your favorite talents. Submission deadline is April 4.

Help Spread the Word

Get friends and family to join in the festivities! Download banners and icons to share online. Send links, follow us on twitter and like us on facebook.

Invest in Talent


Come back on April 10 to vote for your favorite submissions. $1 = 1 vote. All donations help support student scholarships to U.Va.

Digital Talent Show

U.Va. is home to many talented students, but which student can claim the title Most Talented at U.Va.? Help us decide! $1 = 1 vote for your favorite video. Your donations help fund scholarships and support future talent at U.Va.